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Product Description

Save when you purchase all ten sets of flashcards as a bundle. Use this colorful, durable bundle of flashcards to help teach important basic skills.

Who is it for?

  • Children of any age.

What is included?

  • 10 sets of flashcards (313 total flashcards)
    • Color Words Flashcards
    • Shape Words Flashcards
    • Number Words Flashcards
    • Alphabet Flashcards
    • Sight Words Flashcards
    • Animal Words Flashcards
    • Telling Time Flashcards
    • Coin Flashcards
    • Addition Flashcards
    • Subtraction Flashcards

Why buy?


  • This colorful, durable bundle of flashcards helps teach or reinforce important basic skills.  Use them in many ways to create fun while learning!


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Homeschool Complete
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A+ Publishing is committed to providing Christian parents with a high-quality homeschool curriculum to help meet the educational goals of each family. The methods and ideas have been developed by a certified teacher and tested with homeschool students. Our curriculum aligns with accepted grade level standards and exemplifies excellence in homeschool education.

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