Fishy Ten Frames 0-10

Sherry Clements


  • Grades: Kindergarten, 1st Grade
  • Subjects: Math
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Fishy Ten Frames 0-10 For teachers and homeschoolers of students in grades K-2 This 40 page pack requires students to write the number for each of the 8 ten frames on 20 pages and to fill in the ten frame using crayons, stickers, paint or anything else to match the number shown. ******************************************************************************************************************************** Click on my NAME in green above and then click on the HEART beside my photo to FOLLOW my store! or CLICK HERE ********************************************************************************************************************************

Fishy Ten Frames 0-10

For K-2 students

This 40 page ten frame pack focuses on numbers 0-10. All pages contain fish graphics.

Twenty (20) pages ask the student to write the number for each of the 8 ten frames on each page. Ten frames are shown with fish graphics in the ten frames. An empty box is under each ten frame for students to write the correct number to match the ten frame shown.

The other twenty (20) pages ask the student to fill in the ten frame to match the number shown. Eight ten frames are included on each page. The ten frames are empty with a number (0-10) written under each ten frame. To fill in the ten frames, students may color the boxes, use stickers, paint with Q-tips, or any other ideas you have for filling in the ten frames. 

These ten frame pages make great morning work, homework, or math centers. 

Take a look at the PREVIEW to see most pages included. Eight pages are not shown, but are similar to the other pages with fish graphics.

I hope your students enjoy learning about counting, numbers, and ten frames with these cute fish graphics.

Thank you for stopping by!

Sherry Clements


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