1st Grade Social Studies Curriculum Bundle


  • Grades: 1st Grade

  • Subjects: Social Studies

  • Product Type: Lesson/Unit Plans, Printable

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Product Description

All Aboard for First Grade Social Studies explores history, geography, civics government and economics. 180 Lessons for One Low Price! Download our preview files and check out this comprehensive curriculum and Table of Contents. You are going to love this!

All Aboard for First Grade Social Studies continues exploration in history, geography, civics government and economics. Among the many subtopics students will explore Core Democratic Values, goods and services, transportation, discerning wants and needs, community rules and responsibilities, making laws and how democracy works. There are 180 Lessons in these E-Textbooks. 

1st Grade Social Studies

Overview of Lessons:- - - - - -


Introduction to Core Democratic Values

Rules are Cool

I Cannot Tell a Lie

Determine Truth

Lend a Hand

Finding Other Doing Good

Sweet Justice


Introduction to Goods and Services

Shopping Around Town

Circling Goods & Services


Introduction To Trade

Land, Air, & Water

Transporting Goods

How We Spend Money

Exploring U.S. Currency

Spending and Savings

Needs for Life

Identifying Community Rules

Laws and Responsibility

Categorizing Jobs

Economic Systems

5 Themes of Citizenship


Introduction to History

MLK Dreams

Washing Monument

Liberty and Lincoln

Independance Day

Memorial Day


Historical Figure Assessment

Introduction to Past, Present, Future

Native Americans and My Family

Survive in the New World

Shaping our Future


Introduction to Personal Narrative

The Five Themes of Geography

Where are we?


The Big World

Physical and Human

Our Changing Earth

Natural Resources

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

People and the Environment


Introduction to History

Learning More About Presidents

Statue of Liberty

The United States Flag

The Pledge of Allegiance

The White House

The Declaration of Independence

The Constitution 

The Bill of Rights




The Telephone

Ideas for a Light Bulb

An American Story

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