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All Aboard for First Grade Science introduces students to inquiry based science, presenting key concepts; primary science content expectations The Inquiry Process and More for One Low Price! Download our preview files and check out this comprehensive curriculum and Table of Contents. You are going to love this!

1st Grade Science

The overall goals of children's development in science are to immerse deepen their conceptual understandings of the world around them, to increase their comprehension of how science is practiced and to develop their abilities to conduct first-hand, scientific investigations



Children at the age of 6 learn how to use different tools (ex. measuring cups or thermometers) and methods (ex. drawing and writing) to gather and record information that describe or explain familiar objects, events, and experiences. They represent that information in simple graphs to draw construct reasonable explanations and conclusions to answer questions.

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Life Science

Students focuses on the characteristics of living things and the diversity of life. The lessons will specify how plants & animals inhabit different kinds of environments and external features that help them thrive. Ex. plants need lights and animals need food in order to survive.



People Need Plants

Plant Parts

Flowers and Seeds

What do Plants Need to Grow?



Vertebrates vs. Invertebrates

The Human Skeleton

Warm or Cold Blooded?

Animal Kingdoms



Interesting Life Cycles

Beautiful Butterfly

We are Survivors!

Make your own Adaptations

Build your own Ecosystem



Diorama Time

Skin Cells

Our Skin

Endangered Animals

Earth & Space Science

Students learn more about the Earth, the various materials have different properties, begins ti recognize


The Earth

Rocking’ Out

Mineral Cookies

Layers of the Earth





Comparing Seasons

Partly Cloudy

Rain, Rain Go Away

Here Come the Sun!



The Super Solar System

Talk Me to the Moon!

Lunar Eclipse

The Red Planet

Space Timeline

Physical Science


This session gives the students the opportunity to grow their understanding of everyday objects and how they work in our daily lives.

Matter & Objects

That Doesn’t Matter!

Particle Dance Party

Evaporating into Thin Air

Evaporation Hunt

Follow the Flowchart

Condensation Nation

Solid or Liquid?


Forces in Motion

Energy Vocabulary

Naturally Beautiful

Renewable Energy

Magnificent Magnets

Opposites Attract

Attract and Repel

Defying Gravity Electromagnet



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