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Get over 50% off on an ENTIRE YEAR of Common Core assessments for first grade!

First Grade Common Core Math Assessments Bundle


This is a bundle of my First Grade Common Core Math Assessments!  You don’t have to be following the same unit sequence I am to use these assessments.  All can be used as an assessment (rubric included) or interim task.  The sequence I am following has 18 units.  Here is a list of the unit assessments/interim tasks that are included:


Grade 1:  Mathematics Year at a Glance


Unit 1:  Understanding ten ones make a ten.

Unit 2:  Using data to add and subtract within 20

  Unit 2:  Addition Clouds word problems interim task

  Unit 2:  Bubble Gum Trouble with word problems interim task

Unit 3:  Ordering and comparing lengths

Unit 4:  Exploring quantities to 100

Unit 5:  Telling and writing time to the hour

Unit 6:  Developing addition and subtraction strategies

Unit 7:  Distinguishing attributes of shapes

Unit 8:  Using place value to read, write, represent, and compare numbers

  Unit 8:  Counting sequence to 120 Interim task

Unit 9:  Represent & interpret data

  Unit 9:  Strategies for solving addition & subtraction problems   interim task

Unit 10:  Telling and writing time to the half hour

Unit 15:  Applying properties of operations to solve problems

Unit 16:  Measuring lengths with non-standard units

Unit 17:  Equal Shares of Shapes

Unit 18:  Proficiency in Addition and Subtraction Strategies


If you would like to follow along with me in my Sequenced Units for First Grade Math based off of the CCSS ToolBox Year at a Glance you will love how the units are organized and are super easy to follow!!


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