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Fact Fluency BIG BUNDLE


  • Grades: All

  • Subjects: Math

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Product Description

This is a bundle of 4 products that build addition and subtraction fact fluency through conceptual understanding and use of strategies. Kids can forget what they memorized for a quiz, but they can't forget conceptual understanding! Determining which strategy best fits the problem is an important skill to learn without being encumbered with the actual computation. Once this skill is mastered, computation can also be completed.

Addition and Subtraction Fluency Packs:

Use number sense and part-part-whole concepts to develop addition  and subtraction fact fluency!  This system uses a 4 part process to help students learn facts without pure rote memorization.  


Use of manipulatives with math mats, dot patterns, numerals, fact quizzes, goal recording cards, and award badges.

The packet includes:

Math Mats - students explore part/part/whole concepts using manipulatives. Mats for addition and subtraction.

Missing Number equation sheets: Missing addends sheets for 3 through 10 for practice and 1 minute timed quizzes.

Cut and Paste: Cut and paste parts of numbers for 3 through 10 using dot patterns and/or numerals.

Individual Goal Score Card: Allows students to mark attained goals for learning parts of numbers 3 through 10.

Awards Badges: for numbers 3 through 10


Addition and Subtraction Strategy Packs:

Students sort addition facts flash cards according to the math addition strategy used to determine the sum. Strategies included are counting on, doubles, and making tens.

Includes a set of flashcards through 9 + 9, 4 sorting cards, 2 sets of 4 strategy posters in 2 sizes, and recording sheets in color and grayscale.

Students sort subtraction flash cards according to the subtraction strategy used to determine the difference. Strategies included are counting back,using doubles, think addition, and making tens.

Includes a set of flashcards through 12-12, 4 sorting cards, 2 sets of 4 strategy posters in 2 sizes, and recording sheets in color and gray scale.

Finding the solution to each problem may not be the primary goal of this activity.


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