Everlasting Life Skills


  • Grades: 9th Grade, 10th Grade, 11th Grade, 12th Grade, College+

  • Subjects: Life Skills, Social Studies

  • Product Type: CD/DVD

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Product Description

Different kind of Life Skills and Social Studies not taught in schools for middle and high school students. The Life Skills teaches character building and the Social Studies controversial topics which students find exciting.


  CD's created to teach Life Skills and Social Studies in a way they can relate to and are exciting. 

Life Skills exposes everyday challenges which teenagers experience such as situations leading up to violence like gossiping, unhealthy friendships, and showing off. 

The Social Studies portion reveals shocking truths about American and Black History which traditional texts in the schools do not mention. This information could be used to write essays research papers and book reports to supplement their studies. 

Some of the lessons are conveyed in a spoken word/hip-hop style which speaks to students level of understanding. The life skill lessons all supply  moral consequences to be learned from. Study notes are given at the end of each track. 


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About the Seller

Wise Spoken Words

Wise Spoken Words are a series of audio products designed to teach middle and high school students proper behavior and Social Studies which has never been taught before. The benefits to the student are:

1. Lessons are taught in a spoken word/ hip-hop style.

2. Moral lessons based on real life scenarios students can directly relate to on, unhealthy friendships, dangers of gossip, and inappropriate dress just to name a few.

3. Controversial topics on American and Black History not covered in the  traditional school text.

For 24 years I have been an educator and a presenter of manhood programs for community based organizations and a part-time voice artist. This business was created as a response to the breakdown of moral fiber in our society. But make no mistake my educational philosophy has a humorous element even when disciplining a student. This is how one of my audio products was born. It all started when I had to call security and remove a middle school student from class and I told him in one of my funny character voices, " You Got's To Go"!  Believe it or not, not only did the class find it funny but I gained more admiration even from the students who were removed from the class. So I decided to make an audio product of this voice which is available for parents and teachers any time they have to discipline a student. 


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