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Discover hands-on visual lessons for kids learning English on Educents. Homeschoolers and teachers can find great digital and print resources for their ESL/ELL students. Educents sells digital download conversation cards and grammar flash cards that kids can use daily to practice their English skills. You can also find board and dice games that teach kids English words that will help them in the other subject areas like math and science.

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Beginning language development for ESL students is shown by the understanding of a few words, usually those utility words related to familiar objects. When shown these familiar objects, beginning ESL/ELL students can identify the English word that corresponds with the picture. Beginning ESL/ELL students can understand commands, simple phrases, and answer yes/no questions. Intermediate ESL/ELL students begin to understand differences in formality of speech in familiar contexts and begin to use common expressions, slang, and idioms in speech. Proficient ESL/ELL students can adjust speech accordingly and begin to self-correct. Written expression is also an important part of learning English.

Educents provides a variety of materials for ESL/ELL students. The Complete PetraLingua set includes step-by-step video introductions, activity book, and flash cards for beginning level children ages 3-10. This and other ESL/ELL resources on Educents can be used in schools and homeschools. Educents also sells quick reference guides for ESL. You can also find themed ESL conversation cards that make learning English words and phrases fun. These conversation cards are great for older ESL/ELL students (grades 6+) and can be instantly downloaded to print and use in your homeschool or classroom today. English flashcards are another great way for all ages to practice English words.

Learning English can be made fun with some of the digital resources on Educents. Everyone loves using technology and technology can really help your ESL/ELL students by providing great visuals and fun games to teach the English language. Learning English will never be boring with the variety of different types of resources you can use with your kids! Games and videos are a great way for kids to learn anything. Your kids will want to watch some of the great ESL/ELL videos on Educents over and over again! Kids can take the ESL/ELL games and flashcards anywhere with them to practice their English skills.


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