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Beginning language development for ESL students is shown by the understanding of a few words, usually those utility words related to familiar objects. When shown these familiar objects, beginning ESL/ELL students can identify the English word that corresponds with the picture. Beginning ESL/ELL students can understand commands, simple phrases, and answer yes/no questions. Intermediate ESL/ELL students begin to understand differences in formality of speech in familiar contexts and begin to use common expressions, slang, and idioms in speech. Proficient ESL/ELL students can adjust speech accordingly and begin to self-correct. Written expression is also an important part of learning English.

Educents provides a variety of materials for ESL/ELL students. The Complete PetraLingua set includes step-by-step video introductions, activity book, and flash cards for beginning level children ages 3-10. This and other ESL/ELL resources on Educents can be used in schools and homeschools. Educents also sells quick re

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