End of the Year Writing Project: Create a Time Capsule


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This is a 2 week writing unit, where students get to create a time capsule of their year. I can't wait to mail them their writing in exactly one year. This time capsule themed unit includes 11 detailed lessons all linked to Common Core State Standards. There are tons of fun graphic organizers, along with revising/editing checklists and a grading rubric!

This is a creative writing activity where students express what is important to them. Kids LOVE writing about themselves. This unit is double fun because not only are they writing about themselves, they will get to read about themselves when you mail them their writing in the future! This project is super fun the last few weeks of school, but could be taught any time during the year. 

The purpose of this writing project is for students to create a time capsule of what is important to them at this point in their lives. Students will spend several days prewritng and reflecting on what matters most to them. They will then take their ideas through the writng process.

Once students complete their final copy, they will address an envelope to themselves for you to mail sometime in the future. I like to mail their writing exactly one year later. But, you could choose to mail their work at any time.

This is so fun because students get to be their own audience. They love writing about what is important to them. They will surely have fun reading about what they wrote in the future!!

Included in this unit are: 

* 11 Mini lesson statements and descriptions for each lesson.

* Common Core State Standards attached to each lesson.

* Prewriting graphic organizing worksheets to help students organize their thinking. Each graphic organizer is available in color and black & white.

* Lined writing paper with time capsule themed borders for first drafts and final copies in color and black and white.

* Teacher record-keeping/observation form for taking notes during the writing conferences.

* Revising checklist for self-revising, peer-revising, and teacher-revising.

* Editing checklist for self-editing, peer-editing, and teacher-editing.

* Illustrating pages with time capsule borders.

* A grading rubric based on the minilesson writing strategies taught. The points/grade are left blank on the rubric for you to fill in your own grading scale.


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Jen Bengel

I have taught 6 years as a classroom teacher and 3 years as a reading specialist. I am currently working on creating instructional lessons for teachers full time. I also spend time as an independent consultant, modeling lessons and offering professional development in literacy instruction. I love my job and helping teachers!!


I take a constructivist, inquiry-based approach to learning. I believe students learn best when they think critically, analyze, synthesize, and evaluate their abilities. Students learn how to learn. They ask questions that are meaningful to them, play an active role in selecting and defining activities with their peers, direct their own learning, and build knowledge through a collaborative, social process.

* Bachelor's degree in elementary education grades 1-8 (University of Wisconsin- Oshkosh) 

* Master's degree in reading education PreK-12 (University of South Alabama) 

* Literacy Collaborative Coordinator (Lesley University, Cambridge, MA)


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