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eMedia Music Corporation

About eMedia Music Corporation
eMedia Music Corporation is the world’s leading publisher of educational music software, apps, and DVDs. eMedia’s products have been critically acclaimed by sources such as Newsweek, Guitar World, The Wall Street Journal, and PC Magazine and have been endorsed by guitar legends, including Nancy Wilson of Heart and Peter Frampton. Formed in 1994 by Adrian Burton, formerly of Microsoft Multimedia Publishing, eMedia is dedicated to producing high quality software that gives everyone access to the joy of making music by combining: Experienced and Accredited Instructors – Our

Product Reviews

68 Reviews
68 Reviews

    I've already been playing it every day
    Dec 08, 2016

    Who doesn't love the sound of the ukulele?! This was a great price, good quality, and something that I have enjoyed playing. I saw the previous review about a cracked instrument but mine came wrapped well and had no problems. I have had only one problem in the past with damaged goods from Educents (and in all honesty, I know it wasn't them - it was USPS that damaged the item), and they sent a replacement to me really quickly. They have great customer service so I hope the reviewer above had the same experience I did in that regard.

    Kate W - Parent, Seller on Educents - Member Since November 2013
    Great purchase!
    Nov 22, 2016

    I homeschool our four children. A music teacher comes to our home once a week. She is currently teaching them to play the ukelele. She has been bringing the instruments from school. We wanted to get our own so that they could practice at home during the week. I ordered one of these to see the quality. We showed it to the instructor. She took it home with her to play around with. She sent a text last night saying that it is a great little instrument. Sounds good, handles well, stays in tune, definitely not plastic, and is better than the ones she has been getting for the school. I am now going to order three more for my other children. Very pleased with this purchase.

    Elizabeth L - Homeschooler - Member Since November 2015
    Came Cracked
    Nov 12, 2016

    My ukulele came cracked so thats disappointing.

    Damiana K - Super-hero - Member Since November 2016
    Not what I was expecting
    Nov 06, 2016

    I homeschool my 10-year-old daughter. I & my husband both play instruments & read music. The first CD was so remedial that my daughter finished it in one day. Not very impressed with this system. I could have taught her more for free on my own.

    MICHELE B - Homeschooler - Member Since November 2015
    Decent build but could improve on quality
    Aug 18, 2016

    Seems like a good durable violin. First thing I noticed from the picture was that the strings were a bit loose.

    Ben F - Parent - Member Since May 2015

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