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Elementary Zoology Curriculum Package

Master Books


  • Grades: 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade, 6th Grade
  • Subjects: Science
  • Product Type: All-in-One Curriculum, Workbook
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Product Description

Discover and investigate animals, aquariums, zoos, and dinosaurs! This creation-based curriculum is perfect for homeschooled kids at learning levels grades 3rd to 6th grade. It's an ideal supplement for families or classrooms who frequent zoos, aquariums, and other outdoor educational experiences!

What elementary student doesn’t love animals? Elementary Zoology combines the study of both land animals and sea creatures, complete with trips to the zoo and aquarium. Our unique package gives the teacher an easy-to-use daily plan to turn these wonderful resources into a complete year of learning your student is going to love!

Who’s it for?

  • 3rd to 6th graders
  • Homeschoolers
  • Families interested in biology
  • Families who love to take a trip to the zoo, aquarium, or other biological learning adventures

What’s included?

World of Animals

  • The World of Animals investigates and describes the anatomy, behavior, and habitats of more than 1,000 animals. 
  • From microscopic worms and insects to reptiles, birds, and mammals, this book will provide children with an insight into the incredible range of life in God’s wonderful world. 
  • This comprehensive but easy-to-use book boasts a wide range of features to help bring its readers face-to-face with the science and beauty of the living world. 
  • This beautiful book includes up-to date information on endangered species and environments, obscure facts and animal records, and amazing comparisons.



Dinosaur Activity Book

  • Enjoy hours of educational fun with The Wonder of God’s World Dinosaur Activity Book! 
  • Assemble a Protoceratops patterning toy! Create a Deinonychus jumping jack! Craft a Tyrannosaurus hand puppet! Play the dinosaur migration game! 
  • Educational and entertaining, the Activity Book includes mazes, puzzles, word finds, games, and other skill challenges
  • Create your own dinosaur mini-movies, solve 15 challenging tangram puzzles, and more! 
  • Dozens of hands-on and skill-building activities are included for a variety of age levels. 
  • Learn the history of dinosaur discoveries and about the lives of these incredible creatures created on day 5 and day 6 of the creation week.
  • BONUS FEATURE: Beautifully-colored insert is an all-in-one reference to some of the most amazing dinosaurs, including size comparisons.


The Complete Aquarium Adventure & The Complete Zoo Adventure

  • Learn more about incredible sea creatures and some of the unique animals you can see at the zoo
  • Whether you are going on a fun family outing, a field trip, or are learning at home, these books are the perfect mix of important details and fun activities to engage the interest of any child!


Also included:

  • Parent Lesson Planner 
  • Weekly Lesson Schedule
  • Student Worksheets
  • Quizzes & Test
  • Answer Key


Why buy?

  • Lesson plan includes materials for younger and older students
  • Great for classrooms with multi-age students


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    Mar 04, 2016

    We really enjoy these books we recently took a trip to the Atlanta aquarium and we used the aquarium guide it really made the trip more much more interesting .

    Jennifer - Homeschooler, Parent
    Loving it!
    Feb 26, 2016

    We are a homeschooling family and have tried several different science curriculums that were just not working. This one is great. It's easy for me to teach all Three of my kids who are in different grades at the same time. We can work on it as a group and not feel lost. I also love that there are field trip planning books. The books are a great resource to plan our trips to the zoo and aquarium so they are filled with not just fun but education too. I have used the field trip books as an incentive for my kids to not only do their science work well but all of their other subjects too. It really is a wonderful set of books that we love!

    Alicia - Homeschooler
    Feb 22, 2016

    This is one of our favorites. The information in the Animals book is outstanding and the pictures are, well I can't even think of a word good enough to describe just how amazing they are. My son loved freaking me out with some of them. Dinosaurs is so much fun and interactive from the start. The other two are great for those field trips and all the planning is done for you. This is a wonderful zoology curriculum and can be adjusted for almost any age. Highly recommended.


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