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Early Access Tyto Online


  • Grades: 4th Grade, 5th Grade, 6th Grade, 7th Grade, 8th Grade

  • Subjects: Science, STEM

  • Product Type: Game, Online Access

  • Format: Subscription

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Total Price: $30.99

Product Description

In Tyto Online, players explore a futuristic, alien planet as they solve problems and complete quests, learning real-world science with friends. There’s also a learning dashboard that tracks players’ progress over time and suggests related activities that parents can complete with them to connect learning experiences with real-world application.

Players who join Tyto Online in Early Access will get access to behind-the-scene content to learn about game development, special forums where they give their input, and even sessions where they speak directly with our game developers to learn about what really goes into making a game.

Who is it for? Tyto Online is intended for students 9 years old and up, with middle school age being the ideal target as we’ve aligned the science standards with middle school and some high school standards. The comfortability of younger kids depends on how familiar they are with computers and online gaming.

Currently, the game is only available for Windows. OS X will be available in Q1 2017.

What's included? Tyto Online is making STEM-based learning fun and engaging through the exploration of a futuristic world and positive social interactions, in a safe virtual environment. The base game structure includes addictive elements such as a leveling system, achievements and badges, as well as entertaining story lines to guide players through quests that will expose them to concepts such as symbiosis and invasive species.

In the first module available for the Early Access version of the game, based around middle school level ecology, players will protect Earth’s last remaining plant and animal species by learning to keep their ecosystems healthy and balanced in special biodomes. They’ll observe and collect useful data to compare with other players, problem-solve and draw conclusions from their findings. Players can also customize their characters and living spaces, explore the city’s offerings such as the local art museum and socialize. More modules will be continuously added to the game over time.

Additionally, players who join Tyto Online in Early Access will get access to behind-the-scene content to learn about game development, special forums where they give their input, and even sessions where they speak directly with our game developers to learn about what really goes into making a game. This feedback and discussion with players will influence the upcoming features of the game and players will get the opportunity to see how they played a role in the final game development as updates are released.

After the Tyto Online full launch in 2017, the game will only be available with a $8-10 monthly subscription. However, Early Access is available at any time before then for a $24.99 flat purchase, which provides access until then and also covers the first 3 paid months of Tyto Online after the full launch. The earlier you join Early Access, the more months of play you’ll receive under the special pricing.

This purchase on Educents will supply you with a code that will be needed to finish the registration process and set up your child's gameplay account for Tyto Online. After purchase, you’ll be emailed instructions to set it up and download the game.


How it works

What's does Early Access mean? Early Access is when players can buy access to a game that is not yet complete. It is a common development approach that allows interested players to actively shape the game while directly interacting with the developers. Early Access games frequently have bugs or glitches that the players help find, unfinished gameplay that the players help refine, and in-progress features that the players help to test before the game officially launches. Players who join in Early Access get to test features, suggest new ideas, and provide feedback on how the final version of the game will look and feel. In its current version, Tyto Online is not a finished game but by purchasing Early Access, players get to play a part in finalizing features before the game's full launch. Although new content will be added routinely, players should expect to already find a beautiful world on the planet Ovo, with both urban and natural landscapes to explore, biodomes filled with a variety of interesting flora and fauna, fun and helpful NPCs, and at least 30 quests. We wanted to focus on nailing down the user experience first, so we are really looking forward to getting player feedback and input while they navigate this futuristic world. Early Access for Tyto Online will end in summer or fall of 2017, with three completed modules of content, emergent and sandbox features, and a much more polished user experience. This may be extended if gameplay feedback shows there is more needed before leaving early access. For more on Early Access check out our blog post.


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About the Seller

Immersed Games

Immersed Games is an early stage ed-tech startup with an audacious vision of how games can be used to empower student learning.

The process of playing a game is the process of learning. You are learning about how to play the game – the strategies, items, what everything in the game world does. It just so happens that most of the time that learning doesn’t matter outside of the game world. But what if it did? What if the same game mechanics were used in a game where the learner could generalize it, where it would matter for real learning?

Our goal, at Immersed Games, isn’t just to enamor kids with an online game, it’s to lead to real outcomes that improve their lives by creating a video game as a platform for empowering deep learning experiences. 

By playing our game Tyto Online, we expect immediate proximal outcomes:

  • decreasing boredom with learning
  • increased engagement and time spent learning
  • deeper understanding of learning concepts
  • increasing 21st-century skills

Our hope is to then convert them into long-term distal outcomes, improving their lives:

  • better academic achievement
  • better college enrollment choices
  • better career option exposure and choices
  • increasing civic engagement and offline activities

Find out more about our game at www.tytoonline.com.


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