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DVD, Volume 2: Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids®: Spanish | Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids®

Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids®


  • Grades: Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade
  • Subjects: Early Childhood Development, Foreign Languages
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Product Description

"The program gives kids an easy way to learn Spanish by engaging them in the material and keeping them interested. I have noticed that they enjoy the videos and actually look forward to completing the workbooks. The videos feature kids, so it's easy for children to relate to them. They love learning new words and get excited to see the next video." - Lana B.

The second Volume in our Spanish series to teach children Spanish in a fun, dynamic way. Our program teaches through children going their their day-to-day life, with a humorous twist, while speaking Spanish in a way that children can follow and relate to. For ages 3 +.

Learn Spanish like you learned your first language -- through context and visual cues -- and in fun, life-like situations. This way of learning a foreign language is natural and enjoyable for children and parents alike. Students will understand and start speaking Spanish within the very first few lessons. For Ages 3+. This colorful, musical, and entertaining video program offers a new way for children and adults to learn Spanish. It is appropriate for new learners, as a supplement for students learning Spanish in school, and for teachers looking for a fun and engaging Spanish program for their students. The video series teaches Spanish through short stories featuring kids speaking Spanish in a variety of practical and amusing real-life situations. The lessons use a gradual, building block immersion, with creative and entertaining graphics and visuals to help children understand, remember, and enjoy Spanish as they learn. This way of learning foreign language is being received with overwhelming enthusiasm by parents and teachers and this year the Curriculum has been adopted by public school district in New Jersey for more than 60 elementary schools.





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Product Reviews


Here are some of the most recent reviews made by Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Review Crew last August, 2016.


"We have used many different programs over the years to give the kids some level of fluency. Some we've loved, some we've hated, some have just confused us, but today I am going to tell you about one of my personal favorites, Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids".

---4 Little Penguins Review


In the few weeks that we have been using this program, I can say that I am VERY impressed.  My oldest daughter has taken Spanish in public high school and I can honestly say that the kids have learned the language much faster and efficiently in a couple of months than that she has in a year of instruction.

---Counting Pine Cones Review



Other Reviews


A Wonderful Change of Pace

by: Sydney Tammarine 


This is an excellent DVD to supplement classroom instruction, or get children of any age started with Spanish. I use it in my Spanish classroom because it is one of the few DVDs I've found that successfully imitates immersion. The stories are engaging and memorable, with lots of context and visual cues, and my middle-school students pick up a new word or two every time they watch.


Our Favorite Foreign Language Program we've Found!

by: Rebecca Spooner

We loved this DVD. It is a high quality Spanish program that builds on the videos before it. We have tried numerous foreign language curriculums and never found a Spanish program that our kids both enjoyed and retained. Highly recommend this DVD, can't wait to buy the workbooks next for a complete curriculum for our oldest son in the new year!


Second DVD More Challenging But As Good As The First One.

by: DadinMD


The second volume  of this DVD did not disappoint us. The videos are once again fun. It is exciting to see that the second DVD is a higher level of spanish and my son is able to follow along! The lessons do what all great education tools should do: entertain, simplify and repeat. This DVD is a little more challenging for my wife and I and we need to watch it more times to catch up with our son. I will say that we don't mind because we are enjoying learning along with him and he likes that too. I wish something like this had been around when I was his age. I'm looking forward to more volumes in the future.


A Fun Way To Learn Spanish

by: Jeff Zarnick


We already have volume 1 and were thrilled when our daughter ASKED US to get volume 2! It's a great continuity from the first dvd and funny. Words learned from volume 1 return and are added to build longer sentences in sketches easy to follow and entertaining. Figuring out the words by watching the skits is actually fun and all of us (even mom and dad) are learning. The second dvd is a higher level (advanced beginner/early intermediate?) and it really feels good that we can watch these stories in all Spanish (no translations) and understand them. Every time we watched we learned more and felt more at ease hearing the language. Definitely a fun way to learn Spanish, for kids and their parents!


Great Visuals!

by: Lee McClung


These videos are the best method to learn Spanish that I have found -- much better than high school Spanish and the other programs I have tried. The spanish is shown with great visuals that make it a lot easier for me to remember. I am happy with this product.




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    Great Way To Learn Spanish
    Dec 09, 2015

    The program gives kids an easy way to learn Spanish by engaging them in the material and keeping them interested. I have noticed that they enjoy the videos and actually look forward to completing the workbooks. The videos feature kids, so it's easy for children to relate to them. They love learning new words and get excited to see the next video.

    The videos always bring a smile to the kids' faces. They watch them without being forced to do it, and they are learning more with each video. I received a free trial of this program in exchange for an honest review based on my experience, whether negative or positive.

    Lana - Super-hero

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Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids®
(14 Reviews)

Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids® is a new, award-winning Spanish curriculum for children ages 3-14. The program uses a combination of workbooks, games, and videos to work with all learning styles. The videos are gentle Spanish immersion and teach the way our first language was taught. The program is easy, the results are amazing, and the videos are fun and engaging! 


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