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Product Description

GREAT for work work and centers! This pack includes 11 different, fun, and engaging activities to help your students master the double final consonants. A unit that provides targeted practice of double final consonants.

This double final consonant pack focuses on short vowel words(CVCC) ending with: tt, ss, ll, ff, and ck.

Here is what’s included:

*Read/Write the Room -for a center activity or whole group activity
*I Have Who Has- a whole group game
*Word Sort - 2 - ck vs. ss, ll vs. ff
*Where Is Jeff?- Book -an original reproducible student book where students trace all of the double consonant spelling patterns in the book and practice reading the book. Also includes a reading comprehension page with questions about the book and spaces for students to write double consonant words found in the book.
*Color by the Code -students color a picture according to a double final consonant color code.
*Word Cards -double final consonant words with pictures to make an anchor chart, display in a pocket chart, or display on word wall. Great for vocabulary!
*Memory -a double final consonant memory game
*Pumpkin Patch– a cut/paste activity where students write short vowel words with double final consonant endings on the pumpkins and glue them in the pumpkin patch
*Word Practice Book -a reproducible book where students practice words with the double final consonant spelling patterns. For each word students color it, build it with paper letter tiles, write it three times, draw it, and write it in a sentence. 5 pages
*Fall Fun! Flash Cards - students cut out and color double final consonant word cards (on leaves) and make a wheel barrow envelope to keep them in for reading practice. 
*Printables- 3 different printables for practicing double final consonants. Great for morning work, homework or extra practice.

Feel free to email me with any questions.
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