Don't Eat Pete Game for a Year BUNDLE


  • Grades: Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade

  • Subjects: Holidays & Seasons

  • Product Type: Game, Printable

  • Format: Digital product, Downloadable

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Product Description

Don’t Eat Pete is a fun game for kids of all ages to play with their favorite candy or snack all through the year!

Don’t Eat Pete is a fun game for kids of all ages to play with their favorite candy or snack all through the year!

Buy the bundle for all 12 months and save 20% off the individual game price!

Use any type of candy or snack to put on each of the 8 spaces on the game board. One child is then sent out of the room while the others decide which space is “Pete” and then the child returns to class to pick one snack at a time until they get to “Pete” and the kids yell out “Don’t Eat Pete!”. Play until each student gets a chance to play.

There is 1 game board, 1 directions/cover, and 1 graphing worksheet for each monthly game. For the worksheet, students can graph how many times each number is “Pete”.

Please see each individual listing for a complete preview or each item!

This bundle includes Don’t Eat Pete for a year….
• January – Snowman
• February – Cupid
• March – Leprechaun
• April – Rainy Day
• May – May Flowers
• June – BBQ Picnic
• July – Patriotic
• August – Camping
• September – Back to School
• October – Witch
• November – Thanksgiving
• December – Santa


Who is it for?

  • 1st Graders (6 to 7-year-olds)
  • 2nd Graders, (7 to 8-year-olds)
  • 3rd Graders (8 to 9-year-olds)
  • 4th Graders (9 to 10-year-olds)
  • Shoppers on a budget
  • Kindergarteners (5 to 6-year-olds)
  • Homeschoolers


What's included?

  •  1 game board for each month
  • 1 directions/cover page for each month
  • 1 graphing worksheet for each month



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