Dig into Digraphs Series ~ The Bundle!


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Product Description

Everything you need to assess your students’ knowledge of digraphs is in the last digraph unit in this Dig Into Digraph Series! . Please note that this pack is only available as part of the bundle deal. (Value $9.50)

Also included in The Bundle! are all eight, approximately 30 page packs of individual digraphs (th, sh, ch, ph, ck, kn, wh, and wr)plus the review and assessment pack for a complete unit of study on consonant digraphs.
In each unit your students will be:

• Identifying words that contain a specific digraph
• Distinguishing where the digraph sound comes in a word
• Writing words containing the digraph
• Producing words with the digraph
• Understanding the meaning of new words

All of these skills are presented in a fun engaging format. Students will be reading, writing, drawing, cutting, gluing, and analyzing various words that include the digraphs.
This bundle was created in collaboration by Practice Makes Perfect, Teacher’s Toolkit and The Fun Factory. This product is listed in all three stores.


• Dig Into Digraphs Series ~ th
• Dig Into Digraphs Series ~ sh
• Dig Into Digraphs Series ~ ch
• Dig Into Digraphs Series ~ ph
• Dig Into Digraphs Series ~ ck
• Dig Into Digraphs Series ~ kn
• Dig Into Digraphs Series ~ wh
• Dig Into Digraphs Series ~ wr
• Review and Assessment Pack 


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