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Product Description

Do your kids need more practice working with digraphs? This series of products is for you! Our first packet of 14 print and go activities is the digraph th.

Your students will be:
• Identifying the th sound at the beginning and at the end of a word
• Finding words that begin or end with the letters th
• Distinguishing if the th sound is at the beginning or end of a word
• Producing th words
• Spelling th words
• Writing th words
• Using the 3 cueing system to decode which th word completes a sentence and makes sense

All of these skills are presented in a fun engaging format. Students will be reading, writing, drawing, graphing, cutting, gluing, and analyzing various words that include the digraph th.

This is the first in a series of 9 digraph units created in collaboration by Practice Makes Perfect, Teacher’s Toolkit and The Fun Factory. This product is listed in all three stores.

We hope your students enjoy these no prep activities as much as our kids have!


Pg. 1-4: Pack Cover, Teacher Notes, Contents
Pg. 5: Cut beginning ‘th’ pictures and glue on thrones
Pg. 6: Beginning ‘th’ word search and write one sentence
Pg. 7: Beginning ‘th’ interactive sorting activity
Pg. 8: Find the beginning ‘th’ words in the photo and write them
Pg. 9: Cut end ‘th’ picturess and glue on teeth
Pg. 10: End ‘th’ word search and write one sentence
Pg. 11: End ‘th’ board game/spinner
Pg. 12: Find the end ‘th’ words in the photo and write them
Pg. 13: Color the beginning and end ‘th’ pictures
Pg. 14: Spin for beginning and end ‘th’ pictures and color squares
Pg. 15: Circle the words that contain ‘th’ anywhere
Pg. 16: Draw 2 pictures with beginning and end ‘th’
Pg. 17: See it, Make it, Write it
Pg. 18: Complete the ‘Three Sloths’ story
Pg. 19-29: Lap book – read and complete
Pg. 30-34: Answer keys
Pg. 35: TOU and Credits


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We are two early childhood teachers from Texas that think learning should be fun for the students and the teacher.  We have taught together for over 15 years and loved every minute of it.

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