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A First for Everything


  • Grades: Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade
  • Subjects: Life Skills
  • Product Type: Other, Printable
  • Format: Digital product, Downloadable

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Positive and motivational notes to leave on student desks.

Do you need a little something to let your students know that you are proud of them? Does a student need a note of encouragement or motivation. With the high academic demands students have on them now it is encouraging for them to be recognized for their hard work. These desk notes are a great way to remind students (and their parents when they take the notes home) how proud you are of them. A little note of encouragement goes a long way! This set of motivational notes can be left on a student's desk so when they see it starts their morning off on just the right note. There are over 50 notes included this set. ***************************************************************************** The notes included are: *Your work has been out of this world. *Your work has been worth “wagging” about. *You have been so sweet. *A little birdie told me what a good friend you have been to others. Great job! *Your work has been spot on! *Your writing is awesome! *You have been writing so neatly *You are doing so well with your writing. *You are such a hard worker (boy and girl version) *You have great ideas that you have been writing about (boy and girl version). *Nice job keeping your work space clean (boy and girl version) *I love how carefully you check your work. *Great job taking care of your supplies. *You are doing a great job reading! (boy and girl version) *You are a rock star! (boy and girl version) *You have been spotted working hard. *Mystery solved! You are the hard worker! *You are one of a kind! *You deserve the spotlight for your awesome behavior. *You’re a star! (2 girl versions and 2 boy versions) *You have been buzzin’ with great bee-havior! *I’m all “a-flutter” over your hard work. *I’m so proud of you! (boy and girl version) *You are a reader! (1 girl version and 1 boy version) *Keep up the great work! *I’m so proud of you! *I love those great ideas of yours! *You are making great progress in math. *You add up to be a great kid! (boy and girl version) *Your hard work has been “purr-fect”! *It has been noted…. You are doing great! *Your future is bright! *You sure are wise! *Your work has been super! (boy superhero version and girl superhero version) *You have been flying (boy superhero version and girl superhero version) *I love seeing you soar! (boy superhero version and girl superhero version) *You are on top of your game! (boy superhero version and girl superhero version) *Thank you for participating (boy and girl version) *You are a good friend to others (boy and girl version) *You are an artist! *You are a great team player! *You are a great helper. (boy and girl version) *You have great manners. *I’ve seen some super listening (boy and girl version) *Thank you for helping to keep our classroom clean. You are a super helper! *You color my world. *You light up my life. *You have my heart. I’m proud of you. *I believe in you! (boy and girl version) *You can do anything you put your mind to. (boy and girl version) *I love your smile! (boy and girl version) *You are a great student! (boy and girl version) *You are a champ! *I knew you could do it! (boy and girl version) *You are doing a fantastic job! ***************************************************************************** Thank you so much for stopping by my little store! I'd love if you became a follower so that you can be the first to know of freebies, sales, and new products. Just click on the star that says "Follow Me" under my store name. ***************************************************************************** If you have any questions or comments please feel free to email me at [email protected] Best, Julie


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A First for Everything

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