Daily 6-Trait Writing Grade 8

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  • Grades: 8th Grade
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Scaffolded, explicit instruction improves your 8th graders’ writing! The 25 weekly units provide trait-based writing practice, covering the essential traits of strong writing: ideas, organization, word choice, sentence fluency, voice, & conventions.

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Each teacher resource book contains creative ideas and materials to enhance teaching. From classroom décor to thematic units to free-time activities, teacher resource books provide materials that you can use in your classroom. Daily 6-Trait Writing gives your eighth graders scaffolded, focused writing practice. Each of the 25 weekly units provides trait-based writing practice in concise activities that cover the essential traits of strong writing: ideas, organization, word choice, sentence fluency, voice, and conventions. The weekly units present a writing skill on Day 1, and writing activities progress in difficulty until students apply what they’ve learned to a writing prompt on Day 5. Daily 6-Trait Writing is easy to use and offers you the flexibility to teach weekly units in consecutive order or to pick and choose lessons to meet student needs.   25 weeks of instruction cover the following trait-based writing skills:   Unit 1: Ideas Week 1:             Focusing Your Topic Week 2:             Supporting the Main Idea Week 3:             Developing Story Elements Week 4:             Maintaining Your Focus Week 5:             Writing from Experience   Unit 2: Organization Week 1:             Organizing Information Logically Week 2:             Connecting Details Week 3:             Deciding on the Organization Week 4:             Writing an Effective Introduction Week 5:             Writing Effective Conclusions   Unit 3: Word Choice Week 1:             Communicating Clearly Week 2:             Writing About Action Week 3:             Using Figurative Language Week 4:             Avoiding Overused Language Week 5:             Writing for the Topic and the Audience   Unit 4: Sentence Fluency Week 1:             Creating a Purposeful Rhythm Week 2:             Varying Sentence Structure and Length Week 3:             Fluency in Poetry Week 4:             Using Quotations Week 5:             Writing a Smooth Paragraph   Unit 5: Voice Week 1:             Using Your Own Voice Week 2:             Writing from Different Points of View Week 3:             Making a Story Engaging Week 4:             Using the Right Voice for the Purpose Week 5:             Connecting with Your Readers


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