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  • Grades: 1st Grade, 2nd Grade
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This CVC resource pack includes 60 word building mats to help your students practice spelling words with short a, e, i, o, and u spelled CVC.

Let's Build with CVC Words

This CVC resource pack includes 60 word building mats to help your students practice spelling words with short a, e, i, o, and u spelled CVC.


Word building mats for the following words are included:
Short a – jam, fan, ham, map, hat, cab, wag, bag, rat, can, bat, sad
Short e – net, web, bed, pen, wed, pet, hen, wet, men, beg, ten, vet
Short i – lip, dig, lid, bib, hid, win, wig, six, rib, pit, pig, sit
Short o – fox, log, mop, pot, dog, hot, box, hop, pop, jog, cop, top
Short u – tub, tug, mug, dug, run, bus, sub, jug, nut, gum, sun, cub


To prepare these activities, laminate the cards and cut in half if desired. Cards can also be placed in a sheet protector to prolong their use. Students will take a card, look at the picture, and build or write the word. Sound boxes are provided. Magnet letters work well for this activity, but it can also be done as a write-and-wipe activity using dry erase markers.

Recording sheets for each vowel and mixed practice are also included. If you do not wish to use the recording sheets, you can make these activities self-checking by writing the word on the back of the card.

I recommend going over the pictures as a whole group before doing this as an independent center activity.


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- Amanda Taylor @ Second Grade Smiles


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I have been teaching elementary school in an urban district in Massachusetts for six years. I began my career teaching in first grade and have now transitioned into second grade. I especially enjoy creating engaging book studies and center activities for my students.

I believe in providing my students with plenty of positive reinforcement and a variety of ways to access any and all academic content. My lessons incorporate authentic, hands-on, and cooperative learning experiences whenever possible, and I provide many opportunities to build reading and writing skills across all content areas.

I hold a bachelor's degree from Clark University where I majored in Psychology and minored in Education and Sociology. My master's degree is in Teaching and is also from Clark University.


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