Culinary Arts with 1:1 Teacher Support


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The MorningStar Academy provides you with college preparatory courses that students work on at their own pace on any device, anywhere and anytime. Students are taught by our dedicated team of Christians who love interacting with their students while holding them accountable. MorningStar homeschooling students enjoy stimulating, challenging courses while earning a transcript and high school diplomas that reflects the superior reputation of The MorningStar Academy.

What is DNA profiling? How does an investigator match a fingerprint? How are bullet casings used to solve crimes? Explore the fascinating field of forensic science, using real case studies to highlight major areas of study. This course provides a comprehensive view of crime scenes, from burglaries to murders.


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The MorningStar Academy
Since 2004, we have been building the most outstanding Christian online curriculum on the planet. Our curriculum cannot be found anywhere else. It is not repurposed from textbooks. It not simply instructions for working in textbooks. It is dynamic. It is interactive. It is engaging. But most importantly, it is based on the Word of God. Our Biblical perspective shines through every lesson. Our pl

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