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Create Your Dream Classroom consists of 50 short lessons to help teachers create the classroom they're always wanted. Topics include classroom management, parent communication, time management, making a difference in your students' lives, and much more.

Have you found teaching to be harder than you thought it’d be?

Could you use encouragement, advice, or just some fresh ideas?

Are you ready to take your classroom from ho-hum to amazing?

Create Your Dream Classroom will help you do just what the title suggests: create the classroom you’ve always wanted.

This ebook consists of 54 short lessons that will help you save your sanity, escape the rut, sharpen your skills, and create the classroom you've always dreamed of.

Create Your Dream Classroom will give you the tips and strategies you need to conquer the learning curve, escape the rut, or just find that next level of effectiveness. This book will help you…..

Start the school year right.
Get your class under control.
Go beyond discipline to truly disciple your students’ hearts.
Establish effective procedures.
Communicate more effectively with parents.
Finish the last page of your curriculum.
And much more!

My first year of teaching was pretty rough, but I was able to turn that nightmarish first year into an enjoyable and successful 2nd year. I am thrilled to share with you the lessons I learned so that you can experience a similar transformation. The book consists of fifty short daily readings particularly designed to save the sanity of new teachers and to bring fresh ideas and insights to veterans. With an emphasis on biblical truths, self-reflection, and practical action steps, Create Your Dream Classroom will help you grow and excel as a teacher.

Included are ePub, Kindle, and PDF versions to match whatever device you would like to use. The license also includes permission to print one (and only one) copy.

While this book is written specifically for Christian teachers, it will benefit any teacher, regardless of your faith (or lack thereof). If you’re not a Christian, you can choose to simply skip over the Scriptural sections. Or, you can go ahead and read them – you might just find them life-changing!

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Teach 4 the Heart

Linda Kardamis is a former teacher who now writes from home as she raises her little ones. :)

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