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Counting and Cardinality

My Happy Place


  • Grades: All
  • Subjects: Math
  • Product Type: Printable
  • Format: Digital product, Downloadable

Product Description

Counting and Cardinality for Kindergarten: Numbers 1-10 (Common Core) --printables, flash cards, and more! This product is part of a money-saving bundle!

This product is part of a money-saving bundle!

As all teachers know, children learn counting and number sense best through lots of practice and hands-on experiences. I have designed this set to supplement the hands-on counting experiences that should be rich and plentiful in a kindergarten classroom.

This set supports your teaching of the Common Core Counting and Cardinality Standards for kindergarten with a focus on the numbers 0-10. I have included Common Core “I Can” statements for the counting and cardinality standards, flashcards to practice building number sense, and 46 printable worksheets to practice numeracy and counting skills.

Check back soon for a Teen Numbers Counting and Cardinality/Place Value set!

This set includes:
P. 5-7 Common Core “I Can” Statements 
P. 8-13 Number Sense Flashcards
P. 14-35 0-10 Worksheets (2 for each number)
P. 36-39 Numeral Identification and Handwriting Worksheets 
P. 40-44 Counting Worksheets (count and print the numeral)
P. 45-47 Draw/Glue to Represent a Number Worksheets
P. 48-49 Counting to 100 Homework Sheet
P. 50-51 Counting On from a Known Number Worksheets
P. 52-53 Missing Number Worksheets
P. 54-55 Greater/Less Worksheets (with pictures)
P. 56-59 Greater/Less Worksheets (with numbers)

If you have any questions, you can email me at [email protected]

For additional help developing your students’ number sense, I recommend lots of work with subitizing. If you are interested in subitizing resources, check out my Primary Math Flashcards Pack. 


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My Happy Place
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I have taught for 13 years with the last four being in kindergarten. I love teaching young children and I love being a part of a teacher community. Since 2013, I have been enjoying making teaching resources for others to use. I live in Georgia with my husband and my two sons.

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