Contractions, Plurals, and Possessive Nouns - Band aid or Lasso?


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Get 20% off and help students remember when to use an apostrophe and when NOT to use an apostrophe.

Do your students stick an apostrophe in every word ending in s?

Brain research tells us telling a little story helps the children remember little tricks, like when to use an apostrophe and when NOT to use the apostrophe. 

I tell them the apostrophe in a contraction is a band-aid for mending the letters that had been "surgically removed" when the contraction was formed.

I tell them the apostrophe in a possessive is a lasso from when the cowboy lassoed the word they wanted to possess. (See this blog post for more information.)


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I’ve spent much time studying brain research and how the brain learns, I’ve put the best of what I’ve learned into my products. We know that children learn best through social interaction, movement, visuals, repetition, emotional experiences, and connecting the information with something they already know. Most of my products are games or fun activities to practice skills. Plus, they have been favorites for my second graders!

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