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Continuous Tense Board Game


  • Grades: All

  • Subjects: Reading, Writing

  • Product Type: Printable

  • Format: Digital product, Downloadable

Product Description

Use the Tense Quest board game to revise Continuous Tense. Students move around the board converting the sentences into the desired tense. The QR codes can be scanned to reveal the correct answer. For classroom without access to technology, a version of the game has been included without QR codes but rather a memorandum.

This ‘Tense Quest’ board game is the perfect activity to review or practise Continuous Tenses.  Students will have fun moving around the playing board and answering the question cards by converting sentences into required tenses. 

Two versions of this game have been included; one where ‘will ‘is used with the subject in the future tense and one where ‘will’ and ‘shall’ have been used in the future tense depending on the subject used (I shall, we shall everyone else will).  

This game acts as a good listening and memory recall activity as well.  It requires one of the other game members to read the sentence to the player in order for them to convert it.  Students then practise listening for all the information, remembering it and then recalling it once they have converted it.  (I do wish to add that the QR code version can be read by the player them self if you so wish, but the version without the QR codes needs to be read by another player as the answer is on the card.)

As said above, this game is offered with and without QR codes.  QR codes add an extra dimension to the game as it incorporates technology, which students are so familiar with.  Students can download a free QR Code Reader onto their phones or hand held devices and then use it to scan the codes to reveal the answers.  Only one device is needed per group.  The version without accommodates those classes without access to handheld device.

This game is also offered in color and printer –friendly black and white.  I printed the ‘Card Back’ (found at the end of the document) onto colored paper and then pasted it to the back of the question cards to make different colored sets to avoid my cards from getting mixed up.

Look out for my Simple Tense and Perfect Tense versions of this game.  They follow the same structure so that the different versions can be added to the existing game as they are covered in class.


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