Context Clues Vocabulary with Homophones and Homographs in Spanish

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Looking for a way to improve your students vocabulary? Here is a great document that can help you teach your students homophones and homographs. A great way to assist your students in finding clues about those words they don't understand. The document has 40 homophone/homograph cards and their definitions and the answer key.

The Homophones/Homographs Context Clues in Spanish document is absolutely necessary in your classroom to help your students command as much vocabulary as possible. This is something that our bilingual students lack, especially at the third grade level, when they first take the state’s standard test. I have made these task cards precisely to help them, learn while they’re playing, some important homophones in Spanish that will help them in finding clues for those words they don’t understand while they are reading their story. Basically because when they take the test, they cannot look the word in the dictionary—at least not in Texas.

  This product has 40 homophone/context clue cards and 40 definition cards for them to match while in Literacy Centers, with partners, in small groups or by themselves. The homophones are very popular in the Spanish language, but have a tendency to confuse even the adults—I had to look a few in the dictionary, so I’ve made some research on their true meaning. 


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