Computation Strategies and Math Review

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  • Grades: 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade
  • Subjects: Math
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Product Description

Computation is everywhere! Being able put together and take apart numbers is heavily emphasized in elementary school. This is a math computation packet that can be used to prepare students for the new school year. The packet is segmented into three sections (computation strategies, number lines and an overall grades 2-4 math review. Feel free to use this packet as a pre-assessment/review before school starts.

Who is this for?

This packet is primarily designed to be completed by students in grades 2-4.  It can also be used to practice computation skills for students in the upper elementary grades. The pages emphasize all the different ways to put together and take apart numbers. Students will use number lines, base ten blocks, the standard algorithm, partial sums, rounding, the compensation method and many other strategies to add and subtract.  Being able to use multiple strategies helps students better understand numbers and how they're put together.  Having an amazing understanding of numbers helps with other math concepts that students will encounter in upper elementary and beyond.  

What's included:


The first section is specifically designed to introduce/reinforce strategies to compute numbers.  A few example pages are below.







The second section is related to numberlines and word problems.  Being able to visualize a number line is an important strategy. An example is below.




The third section is the largest and designed to be used as a pre-assessement or review of skills found in 2nd-4th grade.  Number sense and geometry skills can be found throughout this section.




* Answer sheets are included


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