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The Three Little Pigs is the first in my "Comprehending the Classics" series of packets designed to help kindergarten or first graders understand beginning, middle and end of stories as well as sequence of events. This meets states standards for comprehension and the cut and paste activities may be used as assessments.

This is the first in a series of classic stories that focuses on story sequencing, comprehension, text comparison opportunities and more. It can pair easily with any of your favorite tellings of The Three Little Pigs. 
The sequence I follow is an intro of a favorite version of The Three Little Pigs, then we construct our story using the pocket chart cards and pictures. This promotes proper sequencing of the story, focuses on beginning, middle, and end and invites students to show their comprehension of what transpired in the story. (don't throw darts: I didn't do the story where the wolf falls into the boiling kettle of water and dies!!!) ;)

After the pocket chart poem lesson, the next lesson involves a retelling, then a reading of the familiar word reader version of the story. Students color and practice reading the story.
Next, we revisit how the story unfolded by cutting and pasting pictures that represent elements of the story on a timeline in the correct order.

I like to print three sets of the story card images. One set goes with the pocket chart sentence cards, the other two sets can become a Memory Game.

Students also use the Memory Game pieces in sequential order to play a game called Speed Story! Students slap cards down in order while retelling the story of The Three Little Pigs as quickly as they can. The first one to tell the entire story using the cards in order wins! 

You can construct at least four centers using components of this set.
Included in this set are:
Pocket Chart Story Cards and Image Cards
Timeline Comprehension Cut/Paste
Story Text Comprehension Sequencing Activity
Familiar Words Reader 
Write Your Own Story Book Cover and Writing Pages

Soon to follow:
Goldilocks and the Three Bears 
The Little Red Hen

When these are finished, they will be offered as a bundle too! Stay tuned!


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