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Camping with Compound Sentences - This pack focuses on identifying and building compound sentences with a fun camping theme.

Camping with Compound Sentences - This pack focuses on identifying and building compound sentences with a fun camping theme.


It includes the following activities:

Hiking Fun Simple and Compound Sentence Sort: Students will read compound and simple sentences and cut and paste to sort.

Hiking with Compound Sentences Board Game: This is a partner or small group board game. It includes an answer key so partners can check their understanding as they play.

Fishing for Compound Sentences: This is a simple and compound sentence sort. Students must “reel in the compound sentences” and “release” the simple sentences. A recording sheet is provided.

S’more Compound Sentences: Students will combine a graham cracker cards with marshmallow cards and chocolate cards to form their own compound sentences. A recording sheet is provided.

Pitch a Compound Sentence: Students will rewrite the two simple sentences shown on each card as a compound sentence. A recording sheet is provided.

These activities work well as literacy centers. All recording sheets are offered with and without handwriting lines, as well as with and without clip art.


This pack addresses the following first, second, and third grade Common Core Standards:
*L.1.1j: Produce and expand complete simple and compound declarative, interrogative, imperative, and exclamatory sentences in response to prompts.
*L.2.1f: Produce, expand, and rearrange complete simple and compound sentences (e.g., The boy watched the movie; The little boy watched the movie; The action movie was watched by the little boy).
*L.3.1h: Use coordinating and subordinating conjunctions.
*L.3.1i: Produce simple, compound, and complex sentences.


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