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Comparing Themes & Topics Across Cultures


  • Grades: 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade

  • Subjects: Reading, Writing

  • Product Type: Printable

  • Format: Digital product, Downloadable

Product Description

Get 4 mini lessons that introduces and reinforces topic, pattern of events (plot), and theme by comparing and contrasting Greek myths, fables, and trickster folktales. This NO PREP packet is perfect for grades 3-5 (ages 8-10). All answer keys are included!

Comparing Themes and Topics Across Cultures

Four mini lessons are included:
1) Introduction (or review) topic, pattern of events (plot), and theme
2) Compare & Contrast 2 Greek Myths
3) Compare & Contrast 2 Fables
4) Compare & Contrast 2 Trickster Folktales

In each lesson, students are required to find similarities and differences between the topic,pattern of events, and theme.

Ways to use these lessons:

Use the first 2 pages of this mini-unit to introduce topic, pattern of events, and theme. Allow students time to re-familiarize themselves with these literature skills.

Each lesson follows the same format.
-Students read 2 traditional literature stories - Myths, Fables, or Folktales.
-Students use a Venn-diagram to compare and contrast themes and topics found in the two stories.
-Students answer 5 questions related to topic, pattern of events, and theme.
-Students compare the two stories using setting, character traits, and conclusion while citing text evidence.

Lesson #1: Myths
Thor’s Might Hammer (a Greek mythical adaption)
Perseus & Medusa (a Greek mythical adaption)

Lesson #2: Fables
A Fox & His Skin (a Chinese fable adaptation)
The Wolf & the Goat (a Greek fable adaptation)

Lesson #3: Folktales
Anansi the Spider (an African folktale adaptation)
Coyote & the Hen (a Native American folktale adaptation)


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