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My What is a Community? pack was created to help primary students understand economics concepts related to types of communities, goods, services, consumers, producers, and community helpers.

My What is a Community? pack was created to help primary students understand economics concepts related to types of communities, goods, services, consumers, producers, and community helpers.


In this pack you will find the following resources and activities:

Community Vocabulary Cards: These pages can be cut and pasted into notebooks, folded and pasted to create flashcards, or simply used as reference sheets through the unit.

Community Paragraph Writing: Students will write paragraphs about their communities. Two paragraph-planning graphic organizer options and writing paper with and without picture spaces are provided.

Types of Communities Scavenger Hunt: Students will travel around the classroom searching for photos of real-life communities. They will label each photo as rural, suburban, or urban on their recording sheets. (Alternatively, this could be done as a whole class, seated activity if you chose to display each photo under a document camera.)

Cut and Paste Picture Sorts: Students will sort goods vs. services in the first sort, and people who provide goods vs. people who provide services in the second sort. I have my students paste the pictures on construction paper under the appropriate headings. A recording sheet is also provided. If using the recording sheet, please note that children may need to continue onto the back of the sheet to fit all the images.

Producers and Consumers Printables: Students will apply producer and consumer vocabulary to themselves and people in their community.

My Business Printable: Students will design and describe their own businesses using key vocabulary.

I Have Who Has Game: This is a whole class game designed to show connections among people in a community. 24 cards are provided. Each student takes one or two cards and reads carefully. The student with the “I am the beginning.” card reads his or her card. At the end of each card, there is a clue describing the next card to be read. There is also a blank for students to fill in with the word good, service, or both goods and services. Play continues until the end is reached. In my classroom, I have students toss a ball of yarn as they play to represent the connections between the community members.

Community Helpers Have, Can, Are: Students will reference nonfiction community helper texts or online resources to complete the charts. (Texts and resource links are not included.)

Writing Prompts: Students will reflect upon which community helper jobs they would prefer and how they can work to make their communities better. Prompts with and without picture spaces are provided.


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I have been teaching elementary school in an urban district in Massachusetts for six years. I began my career teaching in first grade and have now transitioned into second grade. I especially enjoy creating engaging book studies and center activities for my students.

I believe in providing my students with plenty of positive reinforcement and a variety of ways to access any and all academic content. My lessons incorporate authentic, hands-on, and cooperative learning experiences whenever possible, and I provide many opportunities to build reading and writing skills across all content areas.

I hold a bachelor's degree from Clark University where I majored in Psychology and minored in Education and Sociology. My master's degree is in Teaching and is also from Clark University.

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