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Reading Strategy Mini Lessons {2nd Grade}


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  • Subjects: Reading, Writing

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Product Description

Do you want to start teaching with mini lessons but aren't sure where to begin? Or maybe you already teach this way but want some fresh ideas and strategies. This packet has 15 different strategies with everything you need (minus the books) to hold your mini lessons. These strategies are ones that all good readers need.

Each mini lessons will include 
*a mini lesson statement
*the skill it aligns to
*suggested books to use when teaching the lesson
*ideas for how to teach the lesson
*a mini poster
*questions to ask during the lesson
*questions to ask after independent practice
*an organizer to use whole group as you teach the lesson (we have a poster maker at my school. I turn the whole group organizer into a poster and laminate and record answers with a dry erase marker. If you do not have a poster maker you can still display on the overhead and record answers)
*an organizer for students to use during independent practice

The mini lessons included in this packet are:
text to self connection {RL.2.1}
text to text connection {RL.2.1}
text to world connection {RL.2.1}
making and adjusting predictions {RL.2.1}
making a mental picture or image {RI.2.7}
using text features {RI.2.5}
problem and solution {RL.2.3}
summarizing the text {RL.2.5}
main idea and supporting details {RL.2.2}
author’s purpose {RI.2.8}
cause and effect {RI.2.3}
comparing and contrasting texts {RL.2.9, RI.2.9}
asking questions {RI.2.1 & RL.2.1}
recognizing literary elements {RL.2.3, RL.2.7}
retelling {RL.2.2, RL.2.5}


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    Good set
    May 24, 2016

    I like the idea of mini lessons.

    The printables are helpful.

    I really like the Main Idea/Supporting Details page and the Mental Picture poster.

    Lily - Parent

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I am a 2nd grade teacher that loves making things for my classroom that help my students excel as well as save me time. My hope is that you will be able to find some things in my shop that will do the same for you. 

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