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Color Words Bundled Pack

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Color words are used frequently within texts that younger students read. It is therefore important that students learn to recognize them quickly and with confidence. NB: Buying the individual fi... View Full Description
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Categories: Kindergarten, 1st Grade, Early Childhood Development, Reading
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Product Description

Color words are used frequently within texts that younger students read. It is therefore important that students learn to recognize them quickly and with confidence. NB: Buying the individual files separately would cost $14.00, so please take advantage of this great bundled offer at the discounted rate.


Product 1:

These playdough mats are lots of fun and an effective way of developing fine motor skills, as well as learning the color words.
Laminate the playdough mats for durability.
Students should form the letters of each color either using playdough or magnetic letters.
Have them name some other objects that are usually this color.
Finally, using a dry wipe marker, have them practice writing the word using the guidelines given, erase and practice as many times as they wish!

The bright chart and the colorful labels would be a great visual teaching tool, as well as the perfect size for bulletin boards and word walls.
The smaller labels could be used as flashcards for a variety of games - matching, memory etc.

This PDF includes:

• Color Splats Chart 
• Polka Dot Color Words Labels x 2 labels per page (10 colors/ 2 blank)
• Small Polka Dot Labels x 4 labels per page (10 colors)
• Teacher Notes
• Playdough Mats with guidelines and object (10 colors)

Product 2:

These 8 fun color word centers will help your students practice colors and their names in a fun and engaging way! The centers are designed to be challenging, but enjoyable at the same time!


• Center 1: Pin the color word
• Center 2: Write the colors
• Center 3: Color the circle response sheet using paint tray cards
• Center 4: Shape pictures and sentences
• Center 5: Object pictures and sentences
• Center 6: Paint Can Color Word Sort - matching colors with the correct color word (Yes/No)
• Center 7: Boxes of Crayons Read the Room - includes a response sheet and cards to disperse throughout the room
• Center 8: Roll the Color Word Dice game (2 players/2 baseboards) 

NB: Please be aware that this file is graphics heavy and will require the use of a color printer for best results.

Laminate for durability.

Product 3:

This mini workbook provides lots of practice at recognizing and writing color words. Just print back to back and you're ready to go!


• Workbook Front Cover
• Colors Chart
• Trace, draw, make, write color words
• Trace color word, draw, make, write a short color sentence
• Blackline Version

Product 4:

These fun worksheets and activities cover a range of student ability levels, can be used as a Color Words Unit or simply as single activities. Lots of practice in color and color word recognition.


• Act 1: Match the paint pots to the paint brushes
• Act 2: Match the paint pots to the color word
• Act 3: Trace the paint pots color names
• Act 4: Write the paint pots color names
• Act 5: Circle the right answer to match the color word to the color
• Act 6: Color the pumpkins
• Act 7: Make a color spinner and name the color 
• Act 8: Highlight the color words and count how many of each
• Act 9: Color the ordinal numbers
• Act 10: Color by Numbers - color key to color and complete the picture
• Act 11: Color the bigger, smaller, biggest, smallest pictures
• Act 12. Color Words Alphabetical Order
• Act 14. Find the Colors Wordsearch and Answer Key
• Act 15: Choose the best color match and color the pictures
• Act 16: How many letters? Color Words Graph

Please be aware that many of these sheets are graphic heavy!



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