Close Reading: Spring


  • Grades: 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade

  • Subjects: Reading

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Close reading is the reading and re-reading of text to gather meaning and determine the author’s purpose. It is learning how to highlight important vocabulary words and using context clues to figure out the meaning of them. It is also providing evidence from text to support answers when answering comprehension questions or to show comprehension of the text. These skills are very important for early readers.

most difficult by topic with 3 reading passages per topic. Please see the preview for a detailed example. ***************************************************************************** Topics included in this resource are:*Tulips *Rabbits *Robins *Earthworms *Rain *Bumblebees *Frogs ***************************************************************************** Each topic contains: * 3 leveled reading texts for differentiation *vocabulary word cards *vocabulary picture cards *vocabulary definition cards Each topic also contains 2 pages for reading comprehension. The pages vary by topic but comprehension pages include: *read, think, and respond *webs (thinking maps) *vocabulary pages (fill in the blank, write it and define it) *make a personal connection by using your background knowledge and information from the text. *true/false *close reading response (highlight, underline, draw a how around, circle, etc key words and thoughts in the text).


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