ClickBlock 2-D Magnetic Building Construction Toy Super Builder Set, 54 Piece


  • Grades: Preschool, Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 3rd Grade

  • Subjects: Early Childhood Development, STEM

  • Product Type: Kit, Toy

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Product Description

Develop creativity and ingenuity with ClickBlock premium educational magnetic toys. Innovative patented interlocking grooves provide stronger hold and durability. Become a super builder with many magnetic geometric shapes and an activity book. Unlike other magnetic building toys, ClickBlock has powerful patented interlocking grooves that provide stability. All ClickBlock 2-D sets are compatible with ClickBlock 3-D sets which can expand the creations.

Who is it for?


What's included?

  • 54 Pieces Total: 24 squares, 12 triangles, 6 diamonds, 6 trapezoids, 6 double squares plus 18 cards
  • Children can build multiple structures, animals, building and cars, as your imagination allows.
  • Also includes activity books and the on-line play cards can further broaden playtime and creativity.



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About the Seller

ClickBlock Corp

ClickBlock Corporation is a Chicagoland company dedicated to innovation in educational magnetic toys. While every ClickBlock toy lends itself to fun, safe, and creative free play, each product line offered by ClickBlock has been developed to serve the specific demands of early childhood development and cognitive-behavioral play therapy. Our toys use meticulous, patented designs to engage children with concepts and skills in a hands on, free-form approach that needs to be emphasized in our rapidly-changing world.

Our different product lines each offer unique systems of building with their own architectural vocabularies. However, all ClickBlock toys encourage the development of creativity, problem solving, spatial manipulation, gross and find motor skills, and perseverance. And in our mission to enable children to acquire the skills and concepts they need through creative play, we are always listening to feedback from parents, educators, and therapists.

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