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An online course to help teachers learn how to effectively manage their classroom. Don't spend another day stressed out about your students' behavior. Learn how to control your class & actually start enjoying teaching.

This course contains over 6 hours of video instruction to help you learn how to better manage your classroom.

The 6 modules are:
Module 1: Develop the Right Mindset
Module 2: Prepare Your Plan
Module 3: Prevent Problems
Module 4: Address Problems that Arise
Module 5: Inspire Your Students to Learn
Module 6: Troubleshoot Challenging Situations.

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As a teacher, I know you want to be able to walk into your classroom feeling confident in your ability to keep your students’ attention. You want to be able to handle that one disruptive kid who’s causing the majority of the chaos. And you want to know how to motivate those students who just aren’t interested.

But unfortunately, that just may not be the case for you. It sure wasn’t for me my first year of teaching. I thought I knew what to do, but I made some big mistakes, and a few months into the year I had a bit of a mess on my hands. I was frustrated and stressed – this was just not how I envisioned that teaching would be.

I know I’m not the only one who’s stood in front of their class and wondered how on earth I was supposed to get them to listen to me. That’s why I created this course – to share the knowledge and skills I’ve learned so that you can quickly conquer your classroom management challenges and become the successful, effective, and happy teacher that you’ve always wanted to be.

This is an individual licensure. Click here to view the listing for a school licensure.

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