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  • Grades: Kindergarten, 1st Grade, 2nd Grade

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Product Description

If you want to help students learn responsibility and build a strong sense of community within your class, these Classroom Job Cards are a must have! Forty different jobs cards, four vacation cards, and eight different colored framed blank cards

Assigning classroom jobs help students learn responsibility and build a strong sense of community within your classroom. These picture cards can be used in a pocket chart, bulletin board display, or attached to ribbon and hung in your room. Names of your classroom helpers can be typed or written on colored index cards or sentence strips and placed beside the job cards.

The "vacation" cards are designed for designating that a given child does not have a job that week; they are "on vacation". The "substitute" card can be used to have a student fill in for a child that is absent.

There are also blank cards in every color frame so that you can add additional jobs if necessary.

Jobs included:
Attendance Clerk
Brain Break Leader
Board Eraser
Cafeteria Clean-up
Calendar Helper
Chair Stacker
Clean up Crew (may want more than one for this)
Desk Inspector
Desk Sanitizer
Door Holder
Hand Sanitizer
Homework Collector
Line Leader
Lunch Monitor
Nurse Buddy
Paper Collector
Paper Passer
Pencil Patrol
Pledge Leader
Recess Monitor
Recycling Monitor
Room Inspector
Smart Board Expert
Snack Helper
Tech Support
Water Monitor
Weather Reporter



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