ChordBuddy Guitar Teaching System for Right Handed Guitars


  • Grades: 5th Grade, 6th Grade, 7th Grade, 8th Grade, 9th Grade

  • Subjects: Music & Theater, Special Needs

  • Product Type: Kit, Lesson/Unit Plans

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Product Description

ChordBuddy is hands down the fastest way to learn guitar. You simply press a button and play songs. As you progress you start removing parts of the ChordBuddy and playing chords on your own. Perfect for people of all ages. ChordBuddy remains the top music product to ever be on ABC's Shark Tank!
  • You just found the easiest way to learn guitar – ChordBuddy. This innovative guitar learning system was featured on the Hit TV show “Shark Tank”
  • Adults or children, young or old, anyone can quickly and easily learn to play guitar. ChordBuddy makes it possible to pick up a guitar and start playing songs in no time. ChordBuddy is also available for kids 5-9 if you purchase the ChordBuddy Junior Guitar Package
  • Includes lesson plan book, and companion DVD. Learning guitar chords is a difficult—and essential—part of learning to play guitar. Take the struggle out of it with ChordBuddy.
  • Play 4-chord songs in G major with no problem at all (ChordBuddy uses: G, D, C, and E minor Chords).
  • Remove the color-coded tabs when you are ready to start playing chords on the strings to help you start playing the guitar all on your own.
  • This model fits on any full-size acoustic and electric guitar. (Also available for Classical fit guitars, and Left-handed guitars.)


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ChordBuddy is hands down the Fastest and easiest way to learn guitar. Simply press a button and start playing your favorite song! In a step by step process you will start removing parts or the Chordbuddy and playing the chords yourself. Chordbuddy is training wheels for the Guitar.

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