Chemistry for Beginner's - 4 Chart Chemistry Quick Reference Guide Bundle



  • Grades: 9th Grade, 10th Grade, 11th Grade, 12th Grade, College+
  • Subjects: Science
  • Product Type: Poster/Chart
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Product Description

This Chemistry for Beginner's bundle includes 4 laminated chemistry quick reference guide and is a must for any new student that wants to get off to a fast and stress free start! All the basics and more are covered in this 4 quick reference guide series.

In true Permacharts fashion, these 4 expertly written, laminated Chemistry charts provide you with just the facts, tips and information you need to know to get up to speed and ahead of the class.


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  •  Here is what each chart covers
    1. Lab Basics                                           
    • Lab safety is the cornerstone principle in this compelling Guide

    • All international safety symbols are clearly defined, with all basic lab glassware and equipment depicted by text description and diagrams

    • Provides helpful tips in the measurement and handling of potentially dangerous substances in any laboratory

    • And much more

    2. Introductory Chemistry
    • This Guide serves as a well-organized and effective point of entry for anyone embarking upon the study of Chemistry

    • All fundamental terms are clearly organized in chart form, with illustrative graphics

    • More complex concepts such as ionic equilibrium / equilibria and the proper structure of chemical equations

    • And much more

    3. How to Write a Great Lab Report
    • Take the fear out of writing lab reports with the wonderful tips and strategies found in this Guide

    • This helpful Guide removes lab report anxiety with a series of practical report writing tips

    • Styles, the proper use of visual aids and a comprehensive list of common report abbreviations are clearly described

    • And much more

    4. Periodic Table of Elements
    • Conforms to the current IUPAC (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry) General Assembly Report

    • Contains current names for elements 104-112 and color-coded for easy recognition groups 

    • Coded symbols show Crystal Structures and Acid/Base Properties

    • Clear lay out and grouping of Elements

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