Character Is Higher Than Intellect - K-6 plus Teen Level Bundle

Character Is Higher Than Intellect


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Get 30% off on a full set of Character Education Curricula! Eight manuals, K-6, plus Teen. Great follow-up reinforcement spanning the years spent in school. Nothing could be better in equipping a child with the value structures needed to grow up to be happy, healthy, contributing individuals having a strong character that enables them to function successfully in all areas of their lives.
Character is Higher than Intellect is a Character Development Program written for teachers and parents who are serious about teaching their students and/or children strong values that will be a key factor in their growing up to be happy, responsible, well-adjusted, contributing adults.

This program has eight manuals (e-books) for Kindergarten through Sixth Grade and a Teen Level.  There are three parent manuals (e-books) for ages 3-7; 8-12; teens.

  • The Character Is Higher Than Intellect Hierarchy has five levels:
    • -Self-Discipline - “I accept good principles and govern myself.”
    • -Responsible Behavior - “I build self-esteem through responsible behavior.”
    • -Honesty to Self - “I first must be true to myself.”
    • -Honesty to Others - “Then I will be true to others.”
    • -Reverence for Life and for the Creator of Life - “The worth of a child is great in the sight of God.” (Note: “and for the Creator of Life” is not in the Public School Curricula due to the separation of church and state.)

  • The teaching methodology used in each lesson of each level causes long-term learning to occur.  Further information on this is in the Introduction of each manual.  Sample lesson plans are included.

  • Each manual of the Public School Curricula, K-6 and Teen Level contains introductory materials that gives the rationale for the Hierarchy, excellent info on the teaching methodology, and has a Unit for each level of the Hierarchy (5), that contains six lessons, including assessment guides and a Parent Letter to go home so that parents can be involved in the learning process. 

  • The price of the manuals is very reasonable since the author, Shirley Porter-Murdock, Ed.D.,  is the parent of six , a teacher of 30 years and is much more interested in the young being taught strong values than in making money.

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    Character Is Higher Than Intellect
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    Being deeply concerned about the development of value structures within young people in addition to preparing them academically, Dr. Porter-Murdock has authored and developed a character education program, Character is Higher Than Intellect, designed to help teachers and parents teach young people in a way that they build frameworks of thinking patterns and behavior patterns upon which to base responsible decisions.  The curricula have been used by many teachers and parents throughout the U.S. and in several foreign countries, and have been translated into Khmer and Afrikaans for interested individuals in Cambodia and South Africa.


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