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Channie's Visual Handwriting Workbooks

About Channie's Visual Handwriting Workbooks
End your child’s struggle with handwriting using Channie’s revolutionary Quick & Neat Alphabet Pads!   When a concerned mom couldn’t find any solution in the market to help her son’s prolonged writing struggles, Channie took the matter into her own hands and developed this revolutionary learning and writing method to fix every challenge her son Alex faced during his first 3 years of school. In two months, Alex’s handwriting improved dramatically! Local elementary schools were so impressed that they immediately adopted this new method for their students.
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Product Reviews

18 Reviews
18 Reviews

    Excited to Use
    May 04, 2017

    This will be great for teaching Cursive First! It makes it very clear where the main floor, attic, and basement are. Glad I found this. Sometimes it's the little things that make all the difference!

    Firstname L - Member Since November 2013
    A Great Product for Charlotte Mason Homeschoolers
    Apr 28, 2017

    I am so excited to use this to teach my soon-to-be 6 year old daughter cursive first. We have several other Channie's products, so I was confident buying this one. I plan to teach her one letter at a time, then one word at a time, and work up to writing a sentence. I like that this product allows for us to write the words and sentences we want to write, as opposed to a canned writing curriculum.

    Mariel H - Homeschooler - Member Since March 2016
    Writing pads
    Apr 26, 2017

    I have so many young students with very poor writing. These pads are helping them to improve. I am personally appalled at the apparent lack of time our schools are spending on writing. First they dump cursive, and now it appears there is no time to ensure that printing is legible! Sadly, many don't even see the need to write well! These pads are wonderful! I also think the kids like writing on them and comparing their letters to the ones on the sample card.

    Renee S - Teacher - Member Since February 2016
    Great for practice!
    Apr 20, 2017

    This pad is perfect for cursive handwriting practice. My daughter loves it and it has really helped with her letters

    Danyell G - Homeschooler - Member Since August 2016
    Love it!
    Apr 20, 2017

    My 7yr old had a very hard time learning to us the lined paper cause he wrote small, but I had a hard time reading his hand writing. I bought this set hoping he would like it and he loves it. He said it's so much easier to use. We use it for most of his writing.

    Danyell G - Homeschooler - Member Since August 2016

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