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Channie's Quick & Neat Cursive Pad

Channie's Visual Handwriting Workbooks

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Angled guidelines for proper slant and consistent letter size. Green shade to assist in lower case positioning. Adapted for quick and easy learning! See picture for same child practice cursive o... View Full Description
Categories: 1st Grade, 2nd Grade, 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade, Writing
Product Type: Workbook, Worksheet
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Product Description

Angled guidelines for proper slant and consistent letter size. Green shade to assist in lower case positioning. Adapted for quick and easy learning! See picture for same child practice cursive on Channie's Cursive pad vs traditional lined paper at the same day! Big different! 80 pages strong blank practice worksheets. Instruction inside of the front cover to guide practice. Channie's visual Cursive pad made cursive writing fun and easy with vertical lines and angle's blocks for consistent slant and letter sizes! Buy one today and have fun with writing cursive!
Who is it for?
  • Teachers: No time to teach handwriting because you have so much more content to cover in your classroom? Use Channie's Handwriting Workbook! You will be amazed how fast your kids can learn fundamental writing skills!
  • Parents: Your children will love their own neat handwriting! They can correct themselves when they write outside of the block! It is so easy, writing is a piece of cake!
  • Special Needs Students and Occupational Therapists: It is simply VISUAL! It is just easy to write in Channie's Handwriting Workbook!


What's included?
  •  Instruction sheet included in back of the front cover
  • 80 pages of blank slanted blocks guide proper & consistent letter size and slant.



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    Satisfied first time buyer.
    Jun 22, 2017

    Ordered the pads to help teach my grandchildren cursive during the summer break since the schools don't seem to be doing it. They seem to be doing great with the pads.

    Ann H - Member Since June 2017
    Great Product, Even Better Customer Service
    Jun 05, 2017

    We recently purchased this for our daughter to try instead of using standard lined paper when she practices her cursive handwriting. We are already seeing that it's helping her fully form the letters, as well as allowing her see the proper heights for capital and lower case letters. Such a simple idea that has made a world of difference for us!

    Also, when our package arrived, we realized we were accidentally sent the wrong item. We reached the company with no issue, and were sent the correct item along with a handwritten note apologizing for the mix-up!

    Summer K - Member Since May 2017
    Excited to Use
    May 04, 2017

    This will be great for teaching Cursive First! It makes it very clear where the main floor, attic, and basement are. Glad I found this. Sometimes it's the little things that make all the difference!

    Firstname L - Member Since November 2013
    A Great Product for Charlotte Mason Homeschoolers
    Apr 28, 2017

    I am so excited to use this to teach my soon-to-be 6 year old daughter cursive first. We have several other Channie's products, so I was confident buying this one. I plan to teach her one letter at a time, then one word at a time, and work up to writing a sentence. I like that this product allows for us to write the words and sentences we want to write, as opposed to a canned writing curriculum.

    Mariel H - Homeschooler - Member Since March 2016
    Great for practice!
    Apr 20, 2017

    This pad is perfect for cursive handwriting practice. My daughter loves it and it has really helped with her letters

    Danyell G - Homeschooler - Member Since August 2016

About the Seller

Channie's Visual Handwriting Workbooks
21 Reviews

End your child’s struggle with handwriting using Channie’s revolutionary Quick & Neat Alphabet Pads!   When a concerned mom couldn’t find any solution in the market to help her son’s prolonged writing struggles, Channie took the matter into her own hands and developed this revolutionary learning and writing method to fix every challenge her son Alex faced during his first 3 years of school. In two months, Alex’s handwriting improved dramatically! Local elementary schools were so impressed that they immediately adopted this new method for their students. How does Channie’s method help? ·        

  • ·        Color coded middle section to guide lower case placement. ·        
  • ·        Double spaced lines to force proper spacing that children normally struggle with. ·        
  • ·        Boxed layout that maintains and controls children’s ability to write in a confined space along a straight line and autocorrect themselves. ·        
  • ·        Uniform blocks ensure consistent and accurate letter sizes. ·        

With such a precise method of writing, your child’s writing speed is certainly going to double!   What teachers think of Channie’s workbooks:   "It is the only tool that worked... After a month, more than half the class’ handwriting improved dramatically."—Ms. Motley, Kindergarten teacher.   "I used Channie's handwriting pads in all curriculum areas, math, science, social studies.. And I have seen tremendous growth. The parents have seen tremendous growth!"—Ms. Falls, 2nd grade teacher


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