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Girder & Panel Construction Sets

Inspired by a building in Cincinnati, Ohio, Girder and Panel sets inspired children in the 1960s to explore their imaginations as they built skyscrapers, bridges, and roadways. Now, you can share the excitement with your own children! Designed exactly like the originals, Girder and Panel sets create city-building excitement all age can enjoy.

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STEM Simple Machines
STEM Simple Machines

The SIMPLE MACHINES set is a combination of the basic 5 sets of "Discovering STEM" series and covers all Simple Machines mechanisms. These mechanisms offer a mechanical advantage and are crucial... Read More

STEM Newtons Laws
STEM Newtons Laws

Learn all about the ingenious Sir Isaac Newton's laws of motion which are the basis of classical mechanics that still describe most everyday life situations. Observe the effects of kinetic and... Read More


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