Learning about geography starts young with kids exploring maps and globes. Kids may not be ready at a young age to memorize states or countries, but they can recognize boundaries and map organization. School age kids can begin to explore the different types of maps and the information they provide, including physical, political, road, climate, topographic, and resource maps. Many of these maps can be paired with social studies lessons to show the physical and human characteristics of an area and how these characteristics have changed over time. Regions and culture are an important part of geography learning. As kids get older, they will use geography to answer questions like "Why do people migrate?" and "What resources do different regions provide?"

Educents provides a lot of different resources that help kids explore geography concepts. Kids can learn map skills, landforms & bodies of water, and contents & oceans with Evan-Moor's Beginning Geography workbook. Educents has a variety of instant download
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