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Life Skills

Before teaching "Life Skills," here are a few questions to ask yourself as parents:
Are your kids willing to help clean the house, including cleaning the toilets and washing dishes?
Are they able to create a grocery list, shop at a supermarket, and cook simple meals on their own?
Do they know how to apply for a job and practice interview skills?

The real question is: are you kids ready to be adults and how much aid do they need when doing their everyday routines? Teaching life skills can get a little ambiguous, but it's definitely a necessity to include in your year-round homeschooling curriculum. Kids need to be able to do things themselves to learn how to survive in a society, which ultimately helps them grow up to be, not only successful in their careers by thinking independently, but how to be responsible adults.

Here are some suggestions based on mutliple blogs on what to include in your curriculum:

  • Household Management
  • Attention to Details
  • Cooperation
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