You are teaching your child Latin? Stop a minute and pat yourself on the back. Latin is one of the most beneficial languages you could teach a child and will provide benefits for your child for the rest of their life. Teaching Latin at a young age proves at least a 10% jump in your child's lifetime vocabulary. It is not a dead language!!

Half of the English language comes from Latin root words. HALF! Think of the opportunity you are giving a child if they know the root word. If they know the root word, then they can usually figure out the meaning of a word they do not know. Latin words are bigger, harder, have more syllables, more abstract meanings, and different pronunciation and spelling patterns. So after you learn phonics, it is best to start learning Latin. This typically happens around 3rd grade, but you can start teaching Latin whenever you want.

Here are some great resources to get you started on your journey or help provide guidance if the Latin journey has already began.
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