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Enrich your specials needs child and student with these key materials. Here you can find any and all curriculum, games and tools related to working with special needs children. Promote use of vocabulary, gross and fine motor skills, communication skills and overall education and social connections for special needs students. The variety of tools here are geared specifically for children with a range of special needs or disabilities to encourage the most suitable learning environment. Read more >

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Dyslexia Reversing Reversals
Dyslexia Reversing Reversals

Fun and multisensory workbook that strengthens the core, cognitive, reading skills.


A brand new and unique element providing unlimited possibilities for building balance paths! The elements are easy to join and very flexible, so only the imagination sets limits to the course of the... Read More

Weighted Bulldog- Large
Weighted Bulldog- Large

Plush Bulldog, 20" long, 5 pounds weighted with plastic pellets

Scorpio-Premium EDC Rainbow Stainless Steel Metal Fidget Spinner Hand Toy
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Scorpio-Premium EDC Rainbow Stainless Steel...

Help Kids Stay Focus and Engaged. ... Read More

ChordBuddy Guitar Teaching System for Right Handed Guitars
ChordBuddy Guitar Teaching System for Right...

ChordBuddy is hands down the fastest way to learn guitar. You simply press a button and play songs. As you progress you start removing parts of the ChordBuddy and playing chords on your own. Perfect... Read More

Sensory Box - Explore With Me Sensory Box Tool Kit
Sensory Box - Explore With Me Sensory Box T...

This Wooden Sensory Bin or Sensory Box is full of developmental manipulatives. Our wooden box kit is an excellent starter toy for hands-on learning and imaginative play. This is a preschooler toy or... Read More

2nd Grade - Homeschool Math Curriculum Online (Video Lessons, Worksheets & Tests)
2nd Grade - Homeschool Math Curriculum Onli...

Do you find it difficult to homeschool math? Do you feel a little weak in knees when it comes to homeschooling math? Do you want to eliminate the stress of teaching math? ... Read More

Pop 'n Play Sensory Balls
Pop 'n Play Sensory Balls

This is where tactile stimulation meets problem solving, hand-eye coordination, and active gross motor play! The asteroid-shaped red ball houses six colorful little friends. Made of a squeezable... Read More

See-N-Read® Reading Tools - 3-pack, Book size
See-N-Read® Reading Tools - 3-pack, Boo...

See-N–Read®Reading Tools reduce word and line skipping and help users smoothly track left to right when reading. Research-based reading strips aid eye control and reduce pattern glare (words seem... Read More

AAA Quality - 1,000 Pack of Bulk LEGO COMPATIBLE Bricks
AAA Quality - 1,000 Pack of Bulk LEGO COMPA...

AAA Quality - 1,000 Pack of Bulk LEGO COMPATIBLE Bricks


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