Money Management

Does your children know what a budget is and how money is spent in their daily lives?

Although Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, and Science are definetly important to include in your main curriculum, money management is crucial for your children to know so he or she can independetly handle their own finances growing up. One of the main advantages of homeschooling is to train children to go far beyond simple academics. The skill to manage money can impact your child's finances and future much more than his or her academic knowledge. Most children who do not pick up these skills can spend their entire lives trying to undo the financial damages they cause. There are studies that also show that relationships acn suffer form poor mone management.

Some examples to include in your curriculum would include: earnings, debt, credit cards, insurance, savings and retirement planning, etc. Fortunately, we have supplemental resources to make it easy to each your kids about personal finance.

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My Secret Safe with Alarm
My Secret Safe with Alarm

Everybody has secrets and now you can keep your secrets safe in this beautiful steel safe. Comes with a combination lock, coin tray, and alarm. The alarm sounds when the door is opened.

Budgeting 101: Teaching Kids to Manage a Budget
Budgeting 101: Teaching Kids to Manage a Bu...

Budgeting is often neglected, and this project is a perfect introduction and review for students learning to budget and manage their money.

Money Doesn't Grow On Trees: Real Money Talk For Grades 9-12+ Notebook Journal - PRINTED
Money Doesn't Grow On Trees: Real Money Tal...

As your student works through Real Money Talk for Grades 9-12, some of the topics he or she will learn are: how to save and why saving is important, the job process (job apps, resumes and more),... Read More

Money Curriculum Download. Preschool-1st Grade Activities, Flashcards, and Work
Money Curriculum Download. Preschool-1st Gr...

Printable Money Worksheets, Activities, and Flashcards in a PDF file.

Daily Life Skills Bundle
Daily Life Skills Bundle

Our bundled resource helps engage learners while providing the knowledge they need to have successful daily life skills. Included in this instant download bundle: Daily Marketplace Skills, Daily... Read More

U.S. Money Recognition Game - Coin March For Practicing Coins!
U.S. Money Recognition Game - Coin March Fo...

This file folder game is perfect for students practicing U.S. coin recognition. It features two levels of play so students practice their coins, names, and values. The first one to the piggy bank... Read More

Time and Money Pocket Chart
Time and Money Pocket Chart

The 18" x 13" tabletop pocket chart is portable, making it a great hands-on learning center for small groups or individual use. A self-checking feature allows students to work independently. The 10... Read More

Stocks & Bonds Guide - Finance Quick Reference Guide
Stocks & Bonds Guide - Finance Quick Re...

This well-organized 4-page 8.5" x 11", laminated Stocks and Bonds Guide provides anyone with an interest in how financial markets perform with a series of definitions of both the fundamental terms and... Read More

Classic Moonjar
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Classic Moonjar

A three part teaching bank divided into Save, Spend And Share. Each Moonjar Kit comes with a family guide with simple budgeting ideas and a passbook so kids can track their progress. Moonjar... Read More


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