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Find a wide variety of homeschool curriculum aides and materials. Use any number of these homeschool curriculum materials as a convenient and efficient approach to creating content for your classroom. Search a extensive span of subjects, class and age range within this homeschool curriculum. Manage your classroom in a simple and effective way with the inclusion of the homeschool curriculum found here.

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TruthQuest History: American History for Young Students I (Exploration-1800)
TruthQuest History: American History for Yo...

Deep, broad, direct, relational and chronological...that's how award-winning TruthQuest History takes kids through history. Its commentary gives gradual spiritual depth to the chronological coverage... Read More

Homeschool Music Journeys
Homeschool Music Journeys

These 12 activities and 8 coloring pages introduce kids to a world of music-related fun, from Australian clapsticks to Indian ankle bells and Egyptian rattles. From Andean panpipes to rocking... Read More

Family Time Fitness Physical Education for Co-ops
Family Time Fitness Physical Education for ...

The Family Time Fitness Physical Education Co-op curriculum contains 52 pre-planned group physical education lessons. The lessons are designed for co-ops that work with children from age 5 through... Read More

CodeMonkey - Learn real programming | Homeschool edition
CodeMonkey - Learn real programming | Homes...

CodeMonkey is an educational game environment where students learn to code in a real programming language. Using CoffeeScript, a modern open-source programming language, the students will be able to... Read More

Biology Curriculum for Homeschoolers: FREE UPDATES FOR LIFE
Biology Curriculum for Homeschoolers: FREE ...

This 30-week technology-based high school Biology curriculum makes a great alternative for any student that has difficulty focusing on or reading a science textbook. The weekly lesson guides include... Read More


This is learning from home rather than at a campus where you attend classes. It gives you the flexibility to fit study around your other commitments including family, work or recreational activities.... Read More

Deep Sea  Communities PowerPoint/Slideshow with Study Guide
Deep Sea Communities PowerPoint/Slideshow ...

PLEASE NOTE: This is lesson #1 from NatureGlo's eScience Dramatic Deep Sea Creatures 8-lesson Mini Course digital curriculum found here:... Read More

Kindergarten - How to Online Homeschool Guide
Kindergarten - How to Online Homeschool Guide

You can Online Homeschool. I have done all the research and testing, and give you a simple guide with lots of options to fit your situation and needs. ... Read More

Accredited Private Christian School Program - 6 Full Year Courses: 11th Grade
Accredited Private Christian School Program...

The MorningStar Academy provides you with college preparatory courses that students work on at their own pace on any device, anywhere and anytime. Students are taught by our dedicated team of... Read More

Electronics Curriculum LED Scope Part 1 & 2: LED Array Oscilloscope
Electronics Curriculum LED Scope Part 1 &am...

“If you have a student interested in really learning the ‘nuts and bolts’ of how electronics work, then . . . your student will be eager to do Part 2 as well.” Home School Enrichment... Read More


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